Kiss-of-life fireman saves dog

Posted on: February 3rd, 2019 by
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A firefighter has described how he saved a dog’s life by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


The dog, a mongrel called Sunny, was rescued from a house fire in Hull and passed to Mick Dunn who was on standby at the scene to give help to casualties.

Dunn originally thought Sunny was dead but his training took over and he decided to try resuscitating the animal.

He said he had never heard of the mouth-to-mouth procedure being used to save the life of any animal.

But Dunn thought it could work equally as well as on humans.

After spending a few minutes trying to resuscitate the dog, he said he saw signs of life.

Dunn said: “When I saw the dog, I thought at first that it had perished in the fire. She didn’t appear to be breathing.”

The firefighter described how, at this point, he started to use an oxygen mask, which was on hand in case of human casualties.

After 30 minutes of oxygen therapy, the dog recovered, and a vet later gave her the all-clear.

Now Dunn, a dog-owner himself, said he fully expects to be the victim of jokes from friends and colleagues about the unusual rescue.

He said he had already acquired new nicknames like “dog-whisperer” and “dog-snogger”.

But the firefighter said it was “all part of our service”.

He said he has since been in touch with the dog’s owners, Beryl and Ken Honeyball, to check how she is doing.

Mr and Mrs Honeyball were shopping at the time and missed both the fire and Sunny’s rescue.

The couple, who are temporarily living with a relatives until the damage caused to their home is repaired, have described Dunn as a hero.

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